Elon Musk Explains Why He Is 

Pro-Nuclear Energy

Elon Musk Is Arguably the World’s

Biggest clean energy advocate, and his company, Tesla, has built some of the biggest battery storage systems on the planet.

Yet Musk Believes It’s a Mistake

To stigmatize nuclear energy today, especially as renewables like solar and batteries are still ramping up. 

Apart from Leading

Tesla into new milestones, Musk is also funding the $100 million XPRiZE Carbon Removal competition. 

Musk Noted Importance of Carbon

Capture in his recent interview on the Getting Stoned podcast, stating that it is also important to find ways to store carbon.

Musk Said

We need to get the parts per million level of CO2 in the atmosphere down to a lower level. We’re going to have to pull it out of the air and store it somewhere. 

To Accomplish This, Musk Noted That

A lot of energy would be used. And he believes using nuclear energy is an excellent way to power carbon capture projects

Tesla Has Built Over 1,200 

Supercharger Stations in China