Elon Musk Sued for $258bn  Pyramid Scheme’

For Running A Dogecoin ‘

Elon Musk Was Sued for $258 Billion

By a Dogecoin investor who accused him of running a pyramid scheme to support the cryptocurrency.

The Complaint Said

"Musk used his pedestal as World's Richest man to operate and manipulate the Dogecoin Pyramid Scheme for profit, exposure and amusement."

The Complaint Also Aggregates

Comments from Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and others questioning the value of cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin's Selloff Began When Musk

Hosted the SNL show, playing a fictitious financial expert on a "Weekend Update" segment, called Dogecoin "a hustle."

Plaintiff Keith Johnson Is Seeking

$86bn in damages, representing the decline in Dogecoin's market value since May 2021, and wants it tripled.

He Also Wants to Block Musk

And his companies from promoting Dogecoin and a judge to declare that trading Dogecoin is gambling under federal Law

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