Europe’s ‘Largest Predatory  Say Scientists

Dinosaur’ Found in Britain,

A giant crocodile-faced

 dinosaur, discovered on the Isle of Wight by one of Britain’s best fossil hunters

Most of the bones of the

 two-legged spinosaurid were found by the late local collector Nick Chase

Researchers at the University of

 Southampton then used the few bones available to identify what they have called the “White Rock spinosaurid

“This was a huge animal,

 exceeding 10 metres in length and judging from some of the dimensions

While admitting it would be

better to have more bones, Barker said the “numbers don’t lie -- it is bigger than the biggest known specimen”

Thomas Richard Holtz, 

agreed that the new find “does seem to be larger” than a huge predator whose fossilised remains discovered in Portugal.

Hueter Told CNN That Ocearch

Has tagged great white sharks as long as 17.5 feet and as heavy as 4,000 pounds, meaning Ironbound is of modest size.