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Scientist To Replace

Researchers Have Identified a Molecule

In the blood that is produced during exercise and can effectively reduce food intake and obesity in mice. 

To Discover the Relevant Molecule

The team collected and analysed blood samples taken from mice that had been running on treadmills.

They Found from Exercising The Mice

An increased amount of an amino acid called Lac-Phe - a byproduct of the lactic acid produced through exercise.

When Administered to the Mice

For 10 days, Lac-Phe reduced cumulative food intake, lowered body fat and improved glucose tolerance.

The Team Also Found

Robust elevations in plasma Lac-Phe levels following physical activity in racehorses - and humans.

Data from the Human Test Showed

Sprinting induced the biggest increase in the molecule, followed by resistance training and then endurance training.

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