New Found Black Hole Eats  Each Second

Matter Equal to Earth’s Size

Scientists Have Been

On the hunt for such supermassive objects for over half a century and have now finally found one

The Black Hole

Is brighter and growing faster than any to have been in the 9 billion years. 

The Discovery Was Made by Australian

Astronomers with the help of the SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey project of Australian National University

This Massive Cosmic Entity Is An

Unimaginable 3 billion times more massive than the sun and consumes matter at a fearsome rate, chunks the size of Earth.

Named J1144, the Newfound

Supermassive black hole dwarfs the supermassive black hole at the centre of Milky Way, Sagittarius A* by 500 times.

Its Unprecedented Brightness 

Means that over 7,000 times light comes out of it than emitted by all of our humble galaxy Milky Way.

Scientists Discover 

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