Fly Me to the Moon: Us, Japan 

Aim for Lunar Landing

Japan And The United States Said

Monday they want to put the first Japanese astronaut on the Moon as the allies deepen cooperation on space projects.

No Non-American Has Ever Touched

Down on the lunar surface, and Japan has previously said it hopes to achieve a Moon landing by the end of this decade.

President Joe Biden

After his first face-to-face meeting with Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo

Said The Nations

Will work together in the US-led Artemis programme to send humans to the Moon, and later to Mars.

Biden Said He Was “Excited” About The

Collaboration, including on the Gateway facility, which will orbit the Moon and provide support for future missions.

Japan's Domestic Space Programme

Focuses on satellites and probes, so Japanese astronauts have turned to the US and Russia to travel to the Space Station.

Nasa Reveals Stunning Image 

of ‘Hypnotic Spiral Galaxy’