TikTok Becomes Fastest News Source In The UK

Adults in the UK are fond of news on TikTok - A survey of news consumption habits found.

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You won't believe

That Zen-Z and even adults now use TikTok to look for things like where to eat on TikTok instead of a simple google search.

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Instagram, YouTube  AND TIKTOK

Has become the three top digital news source for young age groups, not only in the UK but almost all around the Globe.



The source of information

On social media may not be trustworthy but what interests the youngsters is they find a range of opinions on every story or news.

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And opinions are quite famous among youngsters.

However, the problem of spreading fake news and misleading information is quite serious on


You may also have had heard of hashtag challenges causing kids to do not so safe acts at home.

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The Blackout Challenge

A Challenge that required a challenger to choke themselves - guess what happened - Kids accidentally choked themselves to death.