Former Employees Say  Absolutely Terrible Boss

Elon Musk Was an

Several Former Employees Told

That Musk was nearly impossible to get a hold of over the years, dropping in only roughly twice a quarter

Musk May Have Also Reserved

Himself the typical responsibilities fit for a CEO but was never officially the leader of the company.

In a 2018 Letter Obtained

Neuralink's lawyers had to reassure the regulator that Musk "has no executive or management role at Neuralink."

Cofounder Max Hodak

Who took care of many day-to-day operations tasks at Neuralink, also abruptly departed in early 2021.

On the Rare Occasion

Musk did show up at Neuralink's offices, former employees said, they weren't exactly thrilled.

According to the Former Insiders

Musk built a work environment based on fear and blame — and of course, his infamously relentless deadlines.

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