Fully Functioning 3d-Printed  British Streets

Guns Are Appearing on

3d-Printed Guns Are

Appearing on the streets of the UK, with the files needed to build the firearms easy to find online.

Experts Say Members of the Far 

Right often share instructions about how to make the weapons online in preparation for a so-called race war.

3d-Printed Gun Technology Has

Rapidly advanced in recent years - with a range of printable semi-automatic rifles, carbines and pistols available.

Hobbyists Make Designs and Film

Themselves testing the weapons - including doing push-ups on top of the guns to show how sturdy they are.

Many of Them Distribute These

Design files for free, while others, only publish content showing ever-evolving printed guns.

They Use Their Social Profiles

To help direct people to find the downloadable files, as well as the accompanying assembly manuals and equipment lists.

Scientists Discover 

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