GameStop Is Laying Off 

Staff and Has Fired Its CFO

GameStop Has Been on a Wild Ride

Ever since it reached meme stock status, and it has recently been dabbling in Web3 technologies like NFTs and crypto.

More Recently, It’s Also Been Laying

Off employees without explanation. On Thursday, GameStop internally announced an unspecified number of layoffs

Reportedly Including Some From

The popular publication Game Informer — and publicly revealed that it has fired its CFO with a terse press release.

Despite the Fact That Crypto

Isn’t doing so hot right now, it seems as if GameStop is banking some of its future on its blockchain group

GameStop Also Says Its’ Making

"A significant investment” in its store employees, indicating that it still believes its retail stores are important too.

The Company

Publicly announced the “termination of the employment” of CFO Michael Recupero.

Taking Out the Trash on the

International Space Station