'Get Your Boy Elon in 

Line:' Nasa Despises Elon

Former NASA

Official Lori Garver said in a new memoir that she faced criticism for supporting SpaceX.

NASA Administrator

Bill Nelson told her to "get your boy Elon in line," in one exchange, she said.

In a New Tell-All Memoir

The former second-in-command at NASA has aired a ton of the agency's dirty laundry — including fights with Bill Nelson.

Not Only Sexism from Coworkers

But, Lori Garver, dealt also dealt with "passive-aggressive" behavior from now-Administrator Nelson.

Lori Garver Said

Government and NASA officials ridiculed her for supporting SpaceX, she faced criticism for supporting SpaceX.

Garver Said in Her New Book

Senior industry and government officials took pleasure in deriding the company and Elon in the early years.

She Said That If It Were Up To

Nelson, NASA Would still be entirely dependent on Russia's Soyuz rocket to send astronauts to the Space Station.

A Solar Tornado Large  Earth' Explodes on the Sun

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