Sun Has Been Erupting 

Nonstop This Month

In the Past Few Weeks

The sun has been pretty busy. On Tuesday, our sun sent out two huge explosions from the far side of its surface.

In the Early Morning

Hours of February 15, Nasa's STEREO-A spacecraft caught a beautiful coronal mass ejection (CME).

CMEs Are Big

Explosions that send plasma hurtling through space. The sun has had a few of these this month.

If the Plumes

Of material hit Earth, they can cause geomagnetic storms that can knock out satellites and mess up power grids.

This Week's CME Came

From the far side of the sun that faces away from Earth, so astronomer Dr. Tony Phillips says it doesn't pose a threat.

Based on the CME Size

It's possible that the eruption was an X-class flare, which is the most powerful category.

GPS Dependent America Is One 

Solar Storm Away from Collapse