Giant ‘Space Slingshot’  Craft In 2022 Revealed

Set To Launch NASA

A “giant slingshot” contraption will be testing out its catapult capabilities on a NASA craft later this year.

Spaceflight technology firm SpinLaunch has revealed its futuristic A-33 Suborbital Mass Accelerator that’s said to act just like a slingshot.

The launcher is aiming to test out its spinning skills on a NASA craft containing a satellite.

Concept images show how SpinLaunch uses a rotating carbon fiber arm within a 300-foot diameter steel vacuum chamber.

“What started as an innovative idea to make space more accessible has materialized into a technically mature and game-changing approach to launch.

“We look forward to announcing more partners and customers soon, and greatly appreciate NASA’s continued interest and support in SpinLaunch.”

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