Google to Auto-Delete Abortion  Location Data

Clinic Visits from Users'

With the Downfall Of

Roe v. Wade last month, tech companies are left to pick up the pieces on suddenly shaky legal terrain.

Google Announced in a Blog Post

That an update is coming to the location history feature associated with Google accounts in the next few weeks.

The Update Will

Automatically flag and delete any visits to abortion clinics from a user’s location history. 

Not Only Visits to Abortion Clinics

But also to other facilities like domestic violence shelters and addiction treatment centers from a user’s location history.

Digital Footprints of a Users Visits

To an abortion clinic would naturally be desirable as an evidence by law against people who want to get abortions.

There Will Also Be an Update to Fitbit

To allow users to delete multiple menstrual cycle logs at once, amid fears that data collected by period tracking apps.

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