Google Watch Coming 

Finally With Pixel 6a

Pixel Watch Will Release Soon

Alongside Pixel 6a as reported previously. Both the Google products were found listed on a US carrier’s inventory system

The Upcoming Smartwatch

By Google will come with 32GB storage and is expected to feature cellular connectivity.

The Google Smartwatch Has Already

Been leaked on a number of occasions, and we will get to see a new Apple Watch contender in the market offering some seamless software experience

The Company Is Now Said

To finally officially announce the smartwatch. The Pixel Watch, the first-ever smartwatch from the brand has been tipped on a number of occasions.

The Pixel Smartwatch

Will pack in a metallic frame with a big crown, as the Apple Watch.

Silver Or Black

The Google smartwatch will come in two colour options: Silver and Black

The Apple Watch series ever been at Amazon

6 is cheaper than it’s