GPS Dependent America Is One 

Solar Storm Away from Collapse

Because of Their Location

In space, global positioning system (GPS) satellites are especially vulnerable to severe solar storms.

If They Fail

GPS-reliant infrastructure such as energy grids, financial markets, and public transit will fail as well.

The Failure of All

Of them may bring America to its knees, yet the country has failed to build a backup GPS system.

Solar Storms Have the Potential

To destroy Americas power grids, GPS system, Satellites and yes bring beautiful Auroras to the sky as well.

CMEs, Which Are Powerful

Expulsions of charged particles and magnetic energy, are frequently associated with solar flares.

These Two Phenomena Pose No

Direct Threat to Life on Earth Because the Planet's Magnetic Field Deflects Any Hazardous Radiation and Charged Particles Emitted by the Sun.

Satellites, on the Other Hand

Are susceptible due to their position above the planet's atmosphere.

Asteroid Bennu Nearly Swallowed 

Up Nasa's Sampling Spacecraft