How A Rocket Crash On  Impact Physics

The Moon Will Help

On March 4...

A lonely, spent rocket booster smacked into the surface of the moon at nearly 6,000 mph

Once The Dust Has Settled

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will move into position to get an up-close view of the smoldering crater

This Would Help Physics

This would hopefully shed some light on the mysterious physics of planetary impacts.

Rocket Impact Provides A..

Fortuitous experiment that could reveal a lot about how natural collisions pummel and scour planetary surfaces.

A Deeper Understanding

Of impact physics will go a long way in helping researchers interpret the barren landscape of the moon

Regardless Of This Wayward

Rocket’s identity, this rare impact event will provide new insights that may prove critical to the success of future missions to the Moon and beyond.

Elon Musk Destroyed 40

Satellites In A Solar Storm