How Does Connor  $100 Million?

McGregor Spend A

The $100 Million Night

Now who knows how much money Connor has after taxes but we do know he made $100M in one night with Floyd 

Family Comes First

Either way the number is enormous and here's how he spends it, The first thing Connor did was take care of his family 

From Debt To $2.3 Million Mansion

He made sure they were out of debt with enough money to never work again, Then he copped $2.3 Million mansion for he and his girlfriend 

Cars Nineteen!

Connor is a big car guy, he has more than 19 including a McLaren, i8, 3 Lambos and 3 Rolls Royce

When in Vegas 

Connor rents what he calls the McMansion - It's a $5 Million pad with 7 bedrooms but it wasn't enough. He upgraded the McMansion to this ridiculous Vegas estate.

Plays No Games With Fashion

He's stated even that he wants to enter the design world. He never wears a suit worth less than 4Gs

The $1 Million Annual Shopping

He even has a personal designer Who mentioned Connor spends at least $1 Million per year on clothing.

A Plumber Once, Millionaire Now

All the money is great but it's important to remember this is the same guy that was a plumber in 2009

When Eminem Lost A  Jackson In 2005

Beef To Michael