How Doctor Strange 2 X-Men Crossover Leads To


Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse Of Madness is rumored to be bombarded with cameos not just from the MCU but beyond. Fox's X-Men franchise has been reported to make a money shot appearance.

Bombardment Of Cameos

Professor & Logan (Wolverine) are most likely to make an appearance, Professor X cameo has also been confirmed by well known marvel insiders, and now a new theory that links Professor to Wanda has blown up the internet.

Professor X Will Make It In

The "Leaks" have claimed that many MCU heroes like, Tom Cruise Iron Man Variant, Tobey Maguir's Spiderman and also the heroes from web series like Ghost Rider could make an appearance - with logical explanaitons.

What?... Even...Ghost Rider?

The rumors are a bit too much but considering that Dr. Strange has access to Multiverse, the rumors aren't impossible to get true as well, though we may particularly not see Tom Cruise as Iron Man but we sure will see a lot of Money Shot Cameos.

Rumors Are Rumors For A Reason

In Logan movie we saw Charles Xavier collapsed to dementia and lost control of his telepathy. It led to horrific deaths of the X-Men, though it wasn't shown in movie. Doctor Strange 2 will somehow be linked with Professor X’s involvement explaining how he lost his cognitive abilities.

Professors Dementia Explained

Possibly the variants of Wolverine and Professor X who are rumored to be in Multiverse of Madness will be the versions we already know, and Professor X sacrifices his own sanity/mind which will leave him in the senile state he was shown in Logan.

Charles Will Scarifice His Telepathy

 Xavier would contact Wanda through the multiverse with Cerebro and that causes his dementia. Then again, I've also heard a theory whenever young Charles reads Logan's mind in DOFP that also starts the dementia as well which is pretty dark.

Or....May Be....

Some say that “The Fox versions got a great send-off. There’s no reason to screw with that.” If this rumor comes true, then Marvel also have a way to introduce Mutants to its universe, which Marvel is already plannig for a long time.

But Not All Were Excited

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