Hubble Space Telescope  Shaped by a Big Neighbor

Images Twisted Galaxy

This fresh Hubble Space

Telescope image looks like a gassy disaster unfolding deep in space.

The image shows the galaxy

 NGC 3718, which NASA officials say is a "highly disturbed spiral," meaning its formation was disrupted.

As the galaxy gets into the

 gravitational well from the neighboring galaxy NGC 3729, that galactic interaction pulls NGC 3718 into an S-shaped warp.

The galaxies are separated by

 150,000 light-years, with NGC 3729 not shown in this view from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Hubble's view of this portion

of NGC 3718 shows the sinuous, twisting dust lane in detail as it sweeps by the core of the galaxy and curves into the surrounding gas

Both the galaxy's

 gas and dust lane are similarly distorted into this unique configuration.

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