Huge Sunspot Facing  Solar Storms, Auroras

Earth! Set to Trigger

Earth Could Face the

Risk of solar storms after huge sunspot spotted on the Sun which is facing Earth! Here’s more about it.

Although Solar Storms Do Not Cause

Any harm directly to people on Earth, they can knockout electricity grids, GPS and even the Internet for months.

Nasa Had Reported 8 New 

Sunspots emerging on the Earth-facing side of the Sun which could cause a major impact on our planet.

Now, It Has Been

Reported that one of the sunspots has doubled in 24 hours and has become three times the size of Earth.

This Sunspot Has the Potential

To emit M-class solar flares towards Earth which can cause physical damage. It may cause blackouts, GPS problems

When a Solar Storm Hits

The Earth's magnetic field, the resultant geomagnetic storm can kill radio communications and affect the power grid.

It Can Cause Power and Radio

Blackouts for several hours or even days. However, electricity grid problems occur only if the solar flare is extremely large.

Mars Probe Gets an Upgrade 

from Windows 98 Software