Bionic Eyes Give Sheep  Humans Next

Sight, Heading to

A Team of Australian Researchers

Gave a small flock of sheep "exceptionally sharp eyesight" using bionic eyes surgically implanted behind their retinas.

The Idea Behind 

The wooly experiment was to make sure the implants didn't cause undesirable side effects.

Now, the Team from the Sydney

University and the University of New South Wales say they've filed paperwork to start human trials

A Striking Step Toward

The type of bionic eyesight we've glimpsed in Star Trek via the character Geordi La Forge.

Sydney University Biomedical Engineer

"There were no unexpected reactions from the tissue around the device, and we expect it could remain in place for many years," 

The Device Works by Wirelessly

Relaying a camera feed from a small camera attached to a pair of sunglasses in the form of electric signals directly to retinas

Scientists Discover 

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