iOS 16 Beta 3 Increases 

Security with Lockdown Mode

The New Beta Offers Plenty

Of new features like iCloud Shared Photo Library, a new wallpaper, new lock screen fonts, and Lockdown Mode

Apple Is Great at Keeping Its

Customers’ data private, it is taking things to the extreme with the new Lockdown Mode in the latest beta release.

Lockdown Mode

Will offer the most comprehensive security on iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura.

It Will Limit Communication By

Disabling attachments to messages and link previews and limit complex web technologies from executing when browsing web 

Apple Services

Like FaceTime will also have limitations in place, disabling all incoming communications unless initiated. 

Lastly, Configuration Profiles And

Wired connections will be blocked when devices are locked. it is all to prevent attacks or exploits from occurring.

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