Apple Releases iOS16 Beta 3

Here’s What’s New

Lockdown Mode

This mode is an extreme security measure that you should only use if you believe you’re being targeted by someone.

When You Enable It, Attachments In

Messages are disabled, including links, certain web technologies are blocked, FaceTime calls and invitations from strangers sent through Apple services are blocked, and more.

Gone Are the Days of All iPhone

Lock Screens looking almost identical. Users can now change the font, add widgets, and set wallpapers with a depth effect. 

Continuity Camera Tweaks

iOS 16 beta 2 adds a Pause button to the Continuity Camera UI. This allows users to temporarily pause the video feed streaming to their Macs from their iPhones.

Focus Tweaks

iOS 16 beta 2 also allows users to select which Focus modes share their status with apps. 

This Allows You to Share

With others that you’ve enabled Focus when using the Work mode but not Gaming mode, for example.

iOS 16 Beta 3 Increases 

Security with Lockdown Mode