iPhone 14 Leaker Just  All Four New iPhones

Tipped Key Spec for

iPhone 14

Specs leak points to which models are getting bigger and smaller batteries

An Alleged iPhone 14 Battery

Specs leak claims there's some minor improvements, plus one surprise downgrade, for the four rumored upcoming models.

The Claimed Capacities

For the 4 upcoming iPhones' batteries come from a screenshot shared by DuanRui and ShrimpApplePro, two Twitter leakers.

Both of the Leakers Express

Skepticism about the figures though, so don't be surprised if we hear different numbers in a future leak.

We've Put the Figures in The

Table next, alongside the capacities of the equivalent iPhone 13 models, so we can compare the claimed changes. 

Model               Battery capacity (mAh) iPhone 14                     3,279* iPhone 13                      3,240 iPhone 14 Pro                3,200* iPhone 13 Pro                3,095 iPhone 14 Pro Max        4,323* iPhone 14 Max               4,325* iPhone 13 Pro Max         4,352

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