iPhone Tips And Tricks  Features Are Awesome

2022: These HIDDEN

As Almost Every App

Has got a handful of hidden tricks, it requires some digging to unravel them all.

While Some iPhone

Hacks are merely out of sight, others require a bit of workaround.

Symbol variant

Like Alphabets you have a lot of different variants for your symbols too. Just hold on longer on a hyphen which will give you a lot of different kinds of symbol variants.

Swipe To Text

iPhone users with iOS 13 and later have this "swipe to text" feature. And if you are unaware of it, then this is the time to use it to do quick typing.

Customised Text Shortcut

You can type fast with the iPhone's text replacement feature which allows you to enter abbreviations and it changes into whole phrases.

Hide Your Private Photo

Inside Photos, select one or more images, then tap the Share button and choose Hide.

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