Is Nasa Planting a Nuclear 

Plant on Moon?

Nasa Chose Three Companies

It will fund to develop a nuclear fission reactor ready to test on the Moon by the end of the decade.

This Power Plant Is Set to Be

A vital component of Artemis, the American space agency's most ambitious human spaceflight mission to date. 

Nasa Envisions Astronauts Living

In a lunar base camp, bombing around in rovers, use Moon base as a launchpad to explore further out in space.

In Order for This

To happen, it'll need to figure out how to generate a decent amount of power somehow.

That Is Why Nasa Plans to Plant

A nuclear power source on the moon harnessing the energy for its future exploration from a Moon Base Camp.

Unlike Solar Panels, Fission Reactors

Can provide constant power and can be placed in dark cool corners of the lunar surface that receive little to no sunlight.

They Found on Mars the  

Remains of an Ancient Lake