James Webb Telescope: Failed 

Stars And Rogue Planet Images

We're Just Weeks Away from The

Release of the first images taken by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, there is far more science to come.

The International Team of Scientists

Will image primarily brown dwarfs and rogue planets — which have been difficult to see with less-powerful telescopes.

Brown Dwarfs

Are considered failed stars. Though they begin their lives in the same way as true stars

In Clouds

Of collapsing gas and dust, they do not gather enough mass to begin fusion. 

Thus, They Are Quite

Small and do not produce bright light as other stars do, making them tough to see.

Brown Dwarfs Exist

Somewhere between gas giant planets and red dwarfs, the smallest and coolest type of main sequence star.

The Team Will Also Study

Rogue planets, or celestial bodies that formed in a stellar system before being ejected into space.

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