James Webb Telescope Is  Instrument Checks

About Halfway Through Its

Nasa Says the $10 Billion

Observatory checked out 7 of its 17 instrument modes for science operations.

James Webb Telescope Is Fitted

With 4 cutting-edge instruments, enabling the $10 billion observatory to see the most distant, oldest galaxies,

Which Formed in the Early

Universe only a few hundred million years after the Big Bang, and study their chemical composition. 

These Instruments Have 17 Science

Modes between them, and each science mode needs to be tested before the telescope can commence science operations in mid-July.

NASA Tweets

"As of today, 7 out of Webb’s 17 instrument modes are ready for science," NASA said on Twitter Friday (June 17). 

Each Mode Has a Set of Observations

And analysis that need to be verified. A detailed instrument mode "check-off" list is also available on the "Where is Webb" 

Scientists Discover 

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