Elon Musk Destroyed 40  Storm: Jeff Bezos Follows

Satellites In A Solar

Jeff Bezos Challenges Solar Storm

It is nothing short of a shocking face-off between a dangerous solar storm and Jeff Bezos, with lives of people at stake!

Blue Origin: Aerospace Manufacturer

And sub-orbital spaceflight services company by Jeff Bezos, is set for its fourth crewed flight on Thursday, March 31st

Launch Was Scheduled For March 29

But due to high winds and ground weather conditions, the launch was postponed till Thursday.

Bezos vs Space Weather

Bezos has decided to actually challenge space weather as the National Oceanic Administration (NOAA) has predicted that a G2 class solar storm will hit Earth on the same day.

Elon's Experience With Solar Storm

It remains to be seen where this goes as last month SpaceX CEO Elon Musk lost 40 of his satellites to a similar solar storm.

The Fear Of What If

The Blue Origin spacecraft comes directly in contact with the radiation from the geomagnetic storm, it can affect the navigation system of the space vehicle.

Could Elon Musk Become  2024?

World's First Trillionaire in