Judge Throws Out TSLAQ  Musk And Model 3 Owner

Lawsuit Against Tesla, Elon

Federal Judge James Donato Has

Formally dismissed a securities fraud and defamation lawsuit filed by a Tesla bear against CEO Elon Musk, Tesla, and a Model 3 owner.

In The Order, Judge Donato

Noted that the lawsuit filed by Tesla bear and TSLAQ member Aaron Greenspan had failed to make plausible legal claims. 

Judge Donato Wrote

“The federal claims in the FAC are dismissed with prejudice. The state law claims are dismissed without prejudice on the declination of supplemental jurisdiction. The case is closed,”

The Case Against Musk, Tesla, And

Model 3 owner Omar Qazi was initially filed in 2020. The lawsuit had a number of key claims, including allegations that Qazi defamed Greenspan in a series of posts on Twitter.

The TSLAQ Member Also Argued

That the Model 3 owner’s posts on Twitter were part of a coordinated campaign that praised Tesla and attacked the company’s critics. 

Greenspan Also Claimed That Qazi

Acted as an agent of Tesla or Elon Musk. These allegations have been dubbed by the Model 3 owner as “absurd.” 

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