July’s 'Buck Supermoon' on  Biggest Full Moon

Wednesday Will Be 2022's

July's Full Moon

Nicknamed the Buck Moon — will charge across Earth's skies on Wednesday, July 13.

The Moon

Will reach its peak at about 2:38 p.m. EDT (18:38 UTC) on Wednesday

But the Buck Doesn't Stop Here

The moon will appear bright and full on Tuesday and Thursday night (July 12 and July 14), as well.

Skywatchers May Notice That Moon

Looks even larger and brighter than normal, because for the third month in a row, the full moon will rise as a supermoon

According to Timeanddate.com

Supermoons can appear larger and up to 16% brighter in the sky than the average full moon.

The Last Two Supermoons

Were June's Strawberry Moon and May's full moon, the Flower Moon, which also featured a total lunar eclipse.

James Webb Space 

Telescope's 1st Image