Large Hadron Collider is  nap

waking up after a 3-year

The world's largest

 particle collider is getting ready to smash atoms harder than ever before.

After a 3 year break

of scheduled maintenance, upgrades and delays, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is preparing to power up for its third, and most powerful yet, experimental period.

If all initial tests

and checks starting this month go well, scientists will begin experiments in June and slowly ramp up to full power by the end of July

The new run could reveal

the elusive particles that make up dark matter, which exerts gravity but does not interact with light

The collider's upgraded capabilities

will focus on exploring the properties of particles in the Standard Model, including the  Higgs boson, and hunting for evidence of dark matter. 

The new upgrades will allow

the LHC to smash particles harder than ever before — up to an energy of 6.8 teraelectronvolts, an increase over the previous limit of 6.5 teraelectronvolts

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