Inside Plan To Hunt  Asteroids With Algorithm

‘Potentially Dangerous’

A new algorithm for scanning

 the distant corners of space has spotted more than 100 previously unseen asteroids.

The discovery of this star which has been nicknamed 'Earendel' sets a new benchmark for NASA as the star was formed in the first billion years after the Universe was formed.

The software is powered by

 a major tech company and offers new opportunities to study asteroids and their trajectories.

The Asteroid Discovery Analysis

and Mapping (ADAM) uses cloud computing to scan billions of archival images of the sky

The ADAM system was

tested using 68 billion observations from the National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory

The effort is spearheaded by

 the B612 Foundation, a non-profit with star-studded leadership and a laser focus on planetary science.

ADAM will help build a

 comprehensive map of Earth’s cosmic surroundings by resourcing past data collections

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