Largest Comet Will Come 

Close to Earth, July 14

One of the Largest Comets Ever Seen

Is rapidly approaching Earth. The comet, C/2017 K2 (PanSTARRS), is now visible with a hand-held telescope.

Although It Orbits Away From

Earth once more in December, you can still see it all the way through September as it moves toward the sun.

The Hawaii-Based

Pan-STARRS survey instrument made the first observation of Comet K2 in 2017.

It Was the Furthest Active Inbound

Comet ever seen at that time. NASA classified it as "primitive" due to its 1.5 billion-mile distance from the sun.

Although Comet K2's Behavior And

Magnitude are not fully understood, some astronomers think that its nucleus will be at least 11 miles across.

Others, However, Contend That

Its diameter could range from 18 to 100 miles. Whatever it is, It is still the biggest comet ever.

How Old Is the Solar