Life on Mars Would Have  1.3 Billion Years Ago

Gone Extinct More Than

Since The Dawn Of Astronomy

Humans have been obsessed with the question as to whether there is life elsewhere in the universe.

Indeed, Much Of The Scientific

Focus on Mars is devoted to answering this question, as there are hints that the red planet may have had microbial life in its youth.


You don't actually have to go to Mars to study the planet.

Conveniently, Around

11 million years ago, a cluster of Martian meteorites known as the nakhlites struck Earth

Likely Propelled By The Force

Of a huge impact on Mars that send debris into the solar system that eventually found its way to Earth.

Swedish Doctoral Student

Josefin Martell — along with a team of scientists at Lund University — have been investigating the properties of a cache of these rocks.

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