Mars Helicopter Ingenuity  Aim to Keep Flying

Has a Dead Sensor but Its

Ingenuity, the small helicopter

 that accompanied NASA's Perseverance rover to Mars, was designed to make just a handful of flight tests

the approaching Mars

Since then, Ingenuity has far exceeded design expectations, with 28 flights under its belt.

Ingenuity took its

 first flight in April 2021, during springtime in the Jezero area.

winter temperatures, which can drop

 to around minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 80 degrees Celsius) at night, are impelling changes in Ingenuity's activities

Operators at NASA's JPL in Southern

California began putting Ingenuity to sleep every night as a way of protecting its systems from the harsh conditions.

Even so, extreme fluctuations

 between day and night temperatures have caused stress on Ingenuity's components

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