Mars Probe Gets an Upgrade 

from Windows 98 Software

19 Years After Its Launch

One of the most successful missions by European Space Agency - Mars Express - is finally getting a software update.

With the Update

Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding (MARSIS), will be able to view beneath the surfaces of Mars and its moon Phobos in greater detail.

Despite Running on Nearly A

Two-decade-old software, the orbiter was crucial in the search for and discovery of signs of liquid water on Mars

Including a Suspected 

20-by-30 km lake of salty water buried under 1.5 km of ice in the southern polar region.

MARSIS Uses a 40m-Long Antenna 

To send low frequency radio waves to Mars. ESA says that most of these waves get reflected from the planet's surface.

Some of Them Get Reflected

Using these reflected waves, scientists will map the structure below the surface of Mars to a depth of a few kilometres

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