Mars Rover Rumbles  The Martian Desert

By Crashed Artifacts In

Weird Mars! Weird Rocks

NASA's Perseverance rover is on a mission to sleuth out past evidence of life on Mars. Along the way, it found evidence of Earthlings.

Pebbly Backs Of Alligators

This week, the space agency posted an image of two objects the rover passed while traversing the Martian desert: a discarded parachute and a metal capsule.

Curiosity On A Cruise

Both played vital roles in helping the car-sized exploration rover land safely on Mars.

NASA's From Twitter Account

"Definitely wouldn’t be where I am without them!"

Its Way To A Dried-Up

delta in Mars' Jezero Crater, a place planetary scientists believe once hosted a lake.


"This delta is one of the best locations on Mars for the rover to look for signs of past microscopic life,".

NASA Reveals The Most Erupted From The Sun

Powerful Solar Flare