Mars Rover Spots Weird  Balancing Boulder

Snake-Head Rock and

NASA's Perseverance

Rover has rolled up to some odd and intriguing Martian terrain.

On June 12, the Car-Sized

Perseverance snapped a photo that could be mistaken for a still from an "Indiana Jones" movie.

At the Left

Of the tableau, a boulder perches precariously atop a slab of gray rock. 

And at Right-Center

A formation that looks very much like an open-mouthed snake head juts from a layered reddish butte.

The Perseverance Team

Is doubtless excited about this Mars landscape, and for far less fanciful reasons.

The Layered Butte Looks Like

It's part of the ancient river delta that once existed inside the 28-mile-wide (45 kilometers) Jezero Crater.

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