MCU “Aquaman” Is Reportedly Coming In 

‘Black Panther 2’

Nov 11, 2022 is still a long way to go for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever but the leaks, rumors & curious stop at nothing for sharing the insider details over Reddit & Twitter.

Few Rumors... Few Trusted Insiders...

Due to Marvel's decision to not recast T'Challa in honor of late Chadwick Boseman, Marvel had to rewrite the script and shift its completely from Black Panther to other characters of the Universe and also introduced a whole new civilization: Atlanta & The Aquaman

Civilization Beyond Wakanda

Black Panther without T'Challa "Chadwick Boseman" will probably flop! right? I mean...What could you possibly show in the film if not him....? Well Not if Marvel have decided to launch a new superhero and not just any superhero but 'The New Age Iron-Man' (Spoilers: Its a 'She')

Black Panther But No T'Challa?

Riri Williams aka Iron Heart is the next young prodigy supported by Iron Man himself, after appearing in Black Panther 2, the character will set off to it's Disney Series, but we most probably won't see her origin story connection with Robert Downey Jr. since his contract is over with MCU.

IronHeart Shall Be The Name

How Do We Know This?

Well she was spotted with the Black Panther 2 set, she could also be a Wakandan, unlike the comic version of her, but we all are aware MCU doesn't go along with the comics, so there's high chance of her being a Wakandan because that would make sense of her being a genius enough to built her own Iron suit (using Vibranium maybe)

The New Civilization that is set to introduce is none other than 'The Lost City Of Atlantis' and the MCU's own Aquaman: Namor The Submariner. The insiders reveal that Wakanda is set to fight the Lost city of Atlantis and this makes sense, as only a super war could help not get the movie flopped without T'Challa.

MCU Has An Aquaman Too

We assume Namor The Sub-Mariner isn't a villain, he may be the main antogaonist of the movie but he is actually an Anti-hero just like The Moon Knight, who is delusional and yet a hero. In comics, Namor is also a part of the team called "The Defenders" comprising, Dr. Strange, Hulk, Silver Surfer and Namor

Namor Is Friends With Dr. Strange

Well Atlanta seems pretty upset after many events of humans harming the sea, including the recent activities of the Eternals, when they stopped Tiamut from emerging Off Indian Ocean and that definitely brought a lot of disturbance to the sea life: Atlanta. 

What Upset The Atlanteans?

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