MCU's Superhero Costume Breakdown & Their Links To 

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Hiding face behind the mask along with their superhero costume seems to be outdated now, since all costumes come with great style and some with thier great tech but no masks to hide identity.

Identity Ain't An Issue Anymore

Star-Lord Is From Mini-Militia

It's hard to call it a costume what star lord wears, it's basically just his helmet, guns and thrusters to help him take short flights, he resembles the Mini-Militia where mini militants kill each other with guns and thrusters like star lord

Star-Lord may appear on the screen for not very long now, as it seems Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3. is the end for the Guardians team, as confirmed by its director quoting that "It's going to be very dark" & "It's the last time we see this Team together" & also "This is the end for us"

Star-Lord Won't Be In MCU For Long

We have mostly seen Wanda Maximoff in red wear whenever she is in a war or combat (magical combat) but recently in WandaVision, we saw her in her real costume of Scarlet Witch, a destroying power she kind of activated while facing another witch 'Agatha'

Her Costume Isn't Made It's Activated

It is confirmed to see Wanda in Doctor Strange 2, but we may also see the original Scarlet Witch in her true form, and by true form we mean the evil Scarlet destined to be the destroyer of realms, as per the Darkhold book of Witches. She may turn out to be the main villain of Dr. Strange 2 and change the whole Phase-4

Destined By The Darkhold 

Captain Marvel is a powerhouse of the Avengers, with no cape or cowl to get in the way, instead have an eye-catching red, blue, gold patterns. Her costume is however, just clothing material, I guess, since she has no need for gadgets for any aid.

PowerHouse Don't Need Gadgets

Just one movie ain't enough for Captain Marvel and that's why we gonna see another one "The Marvels" where a new teen inhuman will be introduced as a new superhero named "Miss Marvel", she's obviously a fan of Captain Marvel and her real name is Kamala Khan, a superhero from Pakistan, what an irony.

Hero  Form Pakistan? Are You Sure?

Deadpool Creator Confirms Doctor Strange 2 

Leaks Are Legit