Meteor Shower Outburst  Possible May 30

from New Tau Herculids

New For 2022

The tau Herculid meteor shower may make an appearance on the night of May 30-31. 

Sometimes, Astronomy Can Be Full

Of surprises. Take the case of a tiny comet, normally far too faint to be seen without the help of a telescope.

But In 1995

It suddenly and quite unexpectedly brightened up to become dimly visible with the naked eye. 

Come The End Of May, Things Could

Turn exciting, thanks again to this same tiny comet. On that night, a new meteor shower — the tau Herculids — might erupt

Yet, There Is Also A Small Chance

Of something extraordinary — perhaps one of the most dramatic meteor displays since the spectacular Leonid meteor showers of more than 20 years ago. 

Or perhaps nothing at all will be seen.

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