Meteorite That Hit Earth 200    About Mars

Years Ago Upends Theories

A Meteorite That Hit Earth

More than 200 years ago could fundamentally change our understanding of how Mars was formed.

Most of What We Know About

Mars's interior comes from three space rocks that landed on our planet after being blasted off Mars by impacts.

They Include the Chassingy Meteorite

Which came down in north-eastern France in 1815, and two others known as Shergotty and Nakhla.

New Analysis of Chassingy

Suggests that the interior chemical make-up of Mars largely came from meteorite collisions

Rather Than

From a giant cloud of gas called the solar nebula as previously thought. 

Mars Is of Special Interest Because

It formed relatively quickly — solidifying in about 4 million years after the birth of the Solar System, while the Earth took 50 to 100 million years to form. 

Scientists Discover 

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