'Partially Eclipsed Moon'  in Space

Is Playing Hide and Seek

ESA Astronaut Samantha

Christoforetti arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) last month to begin her six-month mission.

She Was Able to Keep Us Informed

About the station's daily operations via social media up until her arrival on the International Space Station on April 28.

Images of the Moon

Which had experienced a lunar eclipse earlier today, were included in her most recent update.

Several Pictures of a Strikingly

Eclipsed moon taken by the station's enormous solar panels were released by Christoforetti.

Images Captured

The moon's arc in the night sky, which was colored blue by the atmosphere of Earth.

Millions of People

On four continents were able to see the moon turn a haunting blood-red colour.

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Shouldn't Have Existed