Scientists Grow Plants in 

Moon Soil for First Time

When NASA Launches Artemis

Astronauts back to the surface of the moon in the years to come, they should be able to grow their own salad

That's Just One Ramification Of A

Historic experiment in which scientists used samples of lunar surface material, called regolith, to grow plants here on Earth.

The Scientists Planted Seeds

Of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, which is related to mustard greens, in tiny samples of the regolith collected on three different Apollo missions a half century ago.

Stephen Elardo Said

"Lunar soils don't have a lot of the nutrients that are needed to support plant growth," from the University of Florida said during a press conference Wednesday.

Elardo Is A Co-Author On A Paper

Presenting the research published in the journal Communications Biology on Thursday, along with Anna-Lisa Paul and Robert Ferl.

While The Plants Grew In A Way

That indicated they were stressed, they still found a way relatively quickly, with a little help from the team providing them with light, water and nutrients.

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