'Morbius' Is A Portrait  Weirdo

Of A Very Annoying

Marvel Cinematic Universe

while watching Morbius origin story, you may get the feeling that somewhere in the cinematic multiverse, wires got crossed.

Born With Rare Blood Disease

Michael Morbius has spent his entire life working on two things — a cure, and origami paper-folding

Batman Or Vampire

Once Morbius has been injected with bat DNA, it's just a matter of time before things go vampiric


Bat DNA evidently gives you great cheekbones and abs to go with increased strength and speed

Needs Blood Every 6 Hour

Dr. Morbius invented Artificial blood though that only fools his system for a while

Villain In Spiderman

Morbius was a bad guy when he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man comics, back in the 1970's

Morbius: Marvel Latest  "Super" Or A "Hero,"

Superhero Is Not Either