Nasa: a Gigantic 3,400- Headed Towards Earth

Feet Wide Asteroid Is

The Month Of May

Has been relatively quiet so far in terms of asteroids coming close to our planet.

While There Have Been A Few Small

Space rocks flying past the planet at a considerable distance, and a few meteors lighting up the night sky here and there, nothing noteworthy has happened.

There Was Just One

Incident where a 1,600-feet wide asteroid was seen on May 15th but thankfully, it did not come close to Earth.

But Now

Concerns are rising as an asteroid more than double its size is headed towards the Earth.

A Gigantic 3,400-Feet

Wide asteroid will be making its closest approach to the Earth on May 27th, just 8 days from now.

Interestingly, If Everything Goes Well

And the asteroid does not make it towards us, astronomy enthusiasts can see this space rock floating around using a pair of professional binoculars.

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