NASA Aims For Nuclear

Power Project On Moon

NASA Is Planning To Build

A nuclear power plant on Moon and has collaborated with US Department of Energy (DOE) to do so.

The Plan Is A Serious One

NASA has already selected three concept designs for creating a power plant on moon each valued approx. $5 Million.

Nasa Plans to Design A

'Fission Surface Power System'. It would take approximately a decade to bring these concepts to reality and to the Moon.

Moon Nuclear Power Plant

Depends on the success of Artemis Moon Mission, as Artemis is supposed to create a long term base on the Moon.

Nasa Is Focusing to Create

Fission technology power plant on moon as they are smaller and lightweight to carry to the moon.

The Initial Concept Design for

Nuclear power plant on moon are set to have a 10 year expiry - will be able to stand lunar environment for 10 years.

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