NASA Assigns 2 Astronauts  Crewed Mission

for Boeing Starliner 1st

We Now Know

Who will get to take Boeing's Starliner capsule out for its first crewed test ride.

Astronaut Barry "Butch" Wilmore And

Suni Williams will fly on Crew Flight Test (CFT), Starliner's first crewed mission to the International Space Station,

Wilmore Will Command

The mission, with Williams serving as pilot and fellow NASA astronaut Mike Fincke training as backup pilot.

Reid Wiseman From NASA

"Mike Fincke has dedicated the last nine years of his career to these first Boeing missions and Suni the last seven."

Reid Is The Chief of Astronaut Office

"Butch has done a marvelous job leading the team as the spacecraft commander since 2020," 

These Two Astronauts

Are supposed to fly to Space Station and live and work together for about two weeks.

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